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Tired of trying to pass GCSE Maths Resit Exams?

We are designing Tutoring Support at The Maths Huddle specifically to brighten your child's chances NOW, and to help them overcome.  You can Pre-Order a lesson right here on this page.

Online Tutoring for GCSE Maths Resits ONLY. 

Pre-Order a lesson NOW!

Last summer (2019), nearly 180,000 students resat Maths but only 22.3% of them achieved a grade 4 or better.

Improve your child's Maths confidence and ability to achieve a Grade 4 or better when you Pre-Order lessons with The Maths Huddle.

massive e-learning via Online GCSE Maths Tutoring Lessons

Maths Huddle focus on Number&Algebra Topics

The Maths Huddle provides Pre-Ordered Tutoring Lesson Support to 6th Form & FE College Students in a structured online environment with a professional voice

Helping them feel confident and well able to succeed.

X-FACTOR:  We offer special individual attention that others cannot give.

Great Value!

Generous competitive initial rate of only £20.00 per session.  

This year, students received their GCSE results in a way that has never happened before. No exams have been sat, and there have been no papers marked.

Instead centre assessed grades, a number calculated and then moderated by the teachers and school leaders following strict guidance from Ofqual, has been used.

For all students who did not achieve at least a grade 4 in Maths and/or English (language or literature), resits of those exams are compulsory.

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You can access this Tutoring Support via: A weekly offer on our Facebook Page for Pre-booked 45-minute lessons


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A topic-based service for Students to revise GCSE Number; Algebra; Ratio, Proportion & Rates of Change

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As a Tutor Teacher, I am committed to Students who have difficulties arising from barriers to learning. 


Claudy Boyd

I have 12 years' experience of working with students in Leics., Northants. and Oxon.  

I successfully completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education at the University of Northampton (2009).  

Recently, I taught GCSE Maths and Functional Skills Maths in three local FE Colleges (students aged 16 - 19 & 19+) in Oxfordshire 2016 - 2019.  During this period, I also achieved PGCE Post-16 from Oxford Brookes University.


These are my goals for The Maths Huddle Tutoring Service:-

*To offer Online Tutoring Sessions to a targeted niche of GCSE Maths Foundation.

*To offer Online Tutoring Support for Year 12 and College GCSE Maths Retake Students post-Pandemic.

*To help students escape getting trapped in a cycle of GCSE Maths Resit Exams.


Our clients can then move on, with confidence, to the next steps of their future.

The Maths Huddle: Celebrate Every Little Achievement

The Maths Huddle


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Are you interested in these points?

  • Improve your child's Maths confidence with targeted learning in Small Online Groups (max 3).
  • Access the service via weekly offer on our Facebook Page for Pre-booked 45-minute lessons.
  • Sessions will run from 15:45 to 20:45 conveniently for you.
  • This is a topic-based service to master problem topics in preparation for AQA and EDEXCEL Exams: GCSE 9 – 1; practice your strengths, target the areas you need to work on.
  • Competitive Initial GCSE Rate of only £20.00 per session.  First come, first served basis.

    IF INTERESTED, sign up and click on the PRE-ORDER BUTTON NOW!